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My Story

I’ve spent most of my career studying and working in wellness as a fitness professional, holistic nutrition coach and massage therapist. Frustrated with the frustration from women who “did all the right things” but still weren’t feeling good about their eating behaviors, their bodies, their whole selves, I looked for another way. And I personally was learning that being a “perfect” eater was just plain exhausting not only for myself but for those around me.

After nutrition school, I obsessed over food and my body – only eating foods that one considers “healthy.” There’s a term for this called “orthorexia.” While not an official eating disorder, I learned that it was disordered eating. Food was about nutrients not nourishment. I spent an incredible amount of energy focusing on eating and exercising “perfectly.” I was supposed to set a good example, right?

But after years of practicing as an “eat this, not that” nutrition professional, I felt out of integrity with the “do no harm” oath to help clients with their health and wellbeing. It broke my heart to see how many tears were shed over body dissatisfaction. It bummed me out when clients felt like they had to hide from me in the grocery store or at restaurants – stressed and feeling guilty about a “bad” food in their shopping cart or an “indulgent” meal on their plate.

Thankfully, I discovered the Body Image Movement, became professionally certified in Dynamic Eating Psychology, Intuitive Eating and licensed Be Body Positive Group Facilitator and changed my approach to healthy eating and wellbeing.

I learned the power of letting go of diet culture’s perfectionist portrayal of wellness and the weight-centric model of health - dieting, deprivation, calorie counting, restrictive meal plans, and more and more punishing exercise. I’ve become a relaxed, aware and pleasurable eater and I’ve ditched feeling like my body is a never-ending “problem” that needs “controlling.” Sigh.

As a non diet nutrition and body image coach, I take an Intuitive Eating, weight neutral, Health at Every Size® approach. I’d love to teach you how to: Stop Feeling Crappy about Your Body and Make Eating Easy. Together we’ll create your individualized Food and Body Peace Plan and I’ll teach you gentle nutrition – eating healthy foods for the most part - so you can finally feel good about your eating behaviors, your body and your whole self.

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My Philosophy

In addition to coaching, I am a lifelong student of health and wellness and love writing about it. You can read my articles on my blog, in the Jackson Hole News & Guide, at Thrive Global and Redefining Wellness. And as a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador, I encourage you to join me in spreading the message that health comes in all different sizes and shapes.


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