Show Your Liver Some Love

Your liver is your body’s most powerful detoxification organ. Learn what your liver does, symptoms that it needs some love and healing nutrition tips.

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Eating in Moderation: Does it Work?

Does “everything in moderation” work with your eating habits? It depends. As a Mind Body Nutritionist, I look at “everything in moderation” from two very different nutritional approaches: Moderation from a purely nutritional approach and from the perspective of an eating psychology coach.

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Liking Yourself is a Rebellious Act

In a culture that plays on self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act. Learn four tips from Mind Body Nutritionist and Body Image Movement Global Ambassador, Tanya Mark, to practice working towards self-acceptance.

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Intuitive Eating: do you need to re-learn how to eat?

When we were born, we instinctively knew how to eat. But as we move through life, we are impacted by the messages from the world around us. We’re taught over and over again about what to eat. We are taught not to trust ourselves, but instead trust the food authorities. And the “what” we are told to eat to promote our health, shifts, year after year.

These lessons come from family members (more often than not with good intentions), the latest clean eating book, social media and more. And that finger wagging at us telling us we shouldn’t eat this or that, comes from our own thoughts and self-judgement about food and our bodies. These lessons can also come with a side of guilt and shame.

Many (most!) of us need to relearn how to eat: intuitive eating.

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