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Spring Cleaning For Your Body

Red Beet Spring Detox

Spring is a great time to detox

We clean out our closets, wash our walls, freshen up our flower beds… But what about doing some spring cleaning for our bodies?

There’s no doubt our bodies have pretty amazing built-in detoxification systems. But the world we live in is throwing so many contaminants at us that our bodies simply can’t keep up and over time our detox system can become sluggish.

I like to cleanse twice a year during the transitional seasons, spring and fall.

There are so many misconceptions about detoxes and cleanses so I can’t stress this enough: Detoxing doesn’t mean starving yourself! Depriving your body of food is stressful to the mind, body, spirit and can cause the body to protect and, therefore, store fat, and that’s the opposite effect you want from a detox. The goal is to restore your body, not starve it of the vital nutrients and energy it needs to function optimally!

Not sure if your body needs a detox?

Your body might be trying to tell you something by presenting the following symptoms:
  • Poor Digestion (and don’t forget that good digestion is critical to your overall health)!
  • Weight gain
  • Cravings
  • Allergies
  • Rashes
  • Itching skin
  • Swollen hands or feet
  • Water retention
  • PMS
  • Breast swelling or tenderness
  • Headaches
  • Swelling around the abdomen

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, it could be the perfect time for you to start a cleanse. (Source)

My favorite Way to Cleanse:

I eat a plant-based diet, 3 cooked meals a day, with some extra support from Ayurvedic herbs.

To check out the herb supplements that I regularly use during my detoxes visit this link and search “Anytime Colorado Cleanse”. Or, if you’re new to cleansing, try the Short 4 Day Cleanse.

These cleanses are perfect for both your mind and body as they include breathing exercises, meditation, short yoga series, self-massage. It’s a time to relax and rejuvenate.

Detox Recipe for Breakfast

I also recommend starting your morning with a breakfast that includes a Simple Beet Slaw.

  • One RAW medium beet peeled and grated. I love to use a food processor for the grating - so fast and easy.
  • The juice from half of a lemon.
Combine and enjoy!

Option: You can also add a raw grated Granny Smith apple to the slaw if you’re not a huge beet fan (or even if you are)!

Nope, this isn’t your typical breakfast food but beets are amazing detoxifiers!

Beets contain a group of phytonutrients called betalains that support detoxification through an important phase 2 detox step in the liver. When your liver is able to detoxify chemicals and toxins more effectively, then your body is better able to balance hormones, cholesterol and energy levels. (Source)

Apples are wonderful for cleansing because they thin bile (bile helps with digestion by breaking down fats) and detox the gut through two potent ingredients: malic acid and pectin. Malic acid thins the bile (as bile can get thick and sluggish) and helps dilate the bile ducts to help the body detox. Pectin detoxes the intestinal villi and gut wall which creates beneficial changes to gut microbes. (Source)

So, let’s recap.

  • Detoxification is helpful for almost anybody since we’re exposed to so many pollutants day in and day out.
  • Cleanses should never leave your mind/body feeling stressed or deprived.
  • You can do a high-impact cleanse, like my recommended plant-based detox, without resorting to crazy measures like drinking unpalatable potions for a week. Cleanses can be full of delicious and balanced meals.
  • The purpose of a cleanse is to restore your body, like a factory reset on your iPhone.
  • And, finally, spring is a great time to cleanse from the heavier foods of winter and reset your digestive fire for the raw fresh foods of summer!

Have questions about detoxing? Let me know in the comments below.

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