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The anti-diet is called Intuitive Eating

Diets don’t work. Intuitive eating, the anti-diet approach, is changing lives and healing relationships with food and body.

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Reject dieting for Intuitive Eating

Diets teach you not to listen to your body’s individual needs for food. Through Intuitive Eating you can relearn how to eat. Intuitive Eating is a self-care eating framework with ten principles that work together to guide you back to being the expert of your own body and allow it to settle where its healthiest, not where diet culture says it “should” be.

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Embrace body in all its forms for self care

Body dissatisfaction and eating challenges are on the rise, affecting every sector of our population, from our youth to our elderly, but with an alarming increase among teens, young adults and children of increasingly younger ages.

“We’ve reached a point in history where nearly every person is in some way affected by society’s heightened focus on beauty images, health and weight,” say Connie Sobczak and Elizabeth Scott, co-founders of The Body Positive.

We have the power to create the necessary cultural shift to save the next generation from negative body image as a root cause of many unhealthy behaviors with food and exercise.

You can learn to live peacefully and healthfully in your body by becoming competent in the five core skills of the Be Body Positive Model. The model teaches us to reclaim health, practice intuitive self-care, cultivate self-love, declare our own authentic beauty and build community.

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