My #1 Weight Loss Secret for 2016

I am on a MISSION in 2016 and it IMPACTS YOU!

I will be focusing on what’s most important in my life. On a daily basis, I want to be able to answer these questions from one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard, motivational speaker, with a HECK YEAH!

DID I LIVE_DID I LOVE_DID I MATTER_Brendon BurchardI have these words posted on my office wall because GIVING MY GIFTS without needing to “get” is one of my goals for 2016. If you want to up-level your physical and mental health, I challenge you to pull out a piece of paper right now and post these questions where you can see them every, single, day.

So what’s this have to do with YOU and your relationship to food and weight?

2016 Body Nourishment Wisdom BIG AH-HA:

When you put the emphasis on what matters to you most in life, your metabolism will fire up and help your body lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

When you look for external ways to “fix” yourself, you could be missing the bigger reason why you struggle with your weight, food choices and/or body image.

I bet every single one of you reading this right now KNOWS what you are supposed to eat and KNOWS that you need to move. Knowledge isn’t the challenge. It’s DOING it on a consistent basis that’s difficult, right?

  • When we aren’t giving love (and instead looking to get it)…
  • When we aren’t fully living (just going through the daily motions feeling like there isn’t enough time)
  • And when we don’t feel like we are contributing in a way that feels truly impactful…

We can struggle with taking care of ourselves with quality food and movement.

Instead we might feel like:

We NEED that glass of wine to wind down from a stressful day.

We NEED the triple mocha latte for more energy.

We NEED the reward of comfort food like good old mac n cheese at the end of our day.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Yes, we need to be eating quality food and moving.

But most of us have our strategy backwards, we force ourselves into New Year’s diets and detoxes and fitness challenges WITHOUT exploring the bigger questions that make it all sustainable, make it all worthwhile.

Most of the planet is missing this critical piece. And when we miss it, we keep going through the never-ending battle of success/failure with our weight and health.

My wish is to not just impact YOU but the global community by teaching cutting edge tools to help you up-level your nutrition and help your body achieve a healthy weight with nourishing not punishing strategies.

Frankly I am fed up with the media messages that make us feel like we aren’t enough, we don’t have the willpower to make it happen or we don’t measure up to looking a certain way.

Focus on what matters most and the MAGIC will happen.

Our bodies are not separate from our minds.

So to wrap up, this year I will be doing a bunch of FREE CONTESTS and CHALLENGES so that I can help a larger community of people looking for something more than the typical eat this not that and exercise more. Stay tuned for great strategies to increase your energy, reduce stress and have a body that beams HEALTHY!

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All my best for your health and happiness,


I empower women to explore their wellness from a place where they will feel incredible. I help women fit into their favorite pair of jeans and feel amazing by exploring their relationship to food, exercise and rejuvenation.

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