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Must love feeling your best, digging deeper into who you are as an eater, and changing the way you think about food and your body.

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I help you make peace with food and your body by combining the best strategies from nutrition science and eating psychology.


Free yourself from the punishing strategies to change your body.


Feel relaxed around food and comfortable with your body and self.


No more "I'll be happy when..." - live fully and vibrantly now.

Introduction to Mind Body Nutrition Package

My lifestyle wellness coaching teaches you that nutrition is NOT one size fits all! It's as unique as you are.

I take a WHOLE BODY, mind and spirit approach to nourishment.

One Hour Every Week We Will


Explore Your Metabolism

We will explore your unique metabolism: the sum total of all the chemical reactions in your body PLUS the sum total of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences as a human being.

Explore What You Eat And How You’re Moving

This includes what foods and movement are right for YOUR individual body & personal style. The latest eating and exercise craze might not be suitable for you. We look at your bio-individuality. Learn to tune-in and build trust in your body’s innate wisdom with food choices. Learn how to eat intuitively.

Reflect On How You Eat

This includes your eating speed & rhythm. Is it relaxed? Is it stressed? And much more!

Learn Who You Are As An Eater

This includes exploring you - the person doing the eating and what you “bring” to the plate. This impacts your body (its ability to metabolize and digest food) and life.

Discover That Your Health Is More Than Food

Your challenges with food, body, and health are intimately connected to all facets of life. We’ll explore how…

  • Work
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Intimacy
  • And other stress

… are all connected to your well-being.

Make Peace With Body & Self

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My Private Lifestyle App to help you stay on track

This is not a food log for counting calories! Get a clear picture of your overall life and how it’s impacting your health - sleep quality, movement, hydration, stress, successes, mental & physical health, as well as developing body trust and re-learning to eat intuitively.

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Need some inspiration? Have a question? Send me an email or pick up the phone & call or text. I am here for you.