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3 Reasons to Set Your Scale Aside (and get healthier)

Sick of the scale determining your worthiness but worry about your weight? Learn 3 reasons why setting the scale aside can make you healthier!

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Don't let diet madness ruin the new year

You have a choice. Your only option for love and a content life isn’t to be a slave to the scale and other people’s opinions of you. Rebel against “New Year, New You” bogus body image “ideals” that drive poor self-worth, dieting and disordered eating.

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Let's not cave in to the pressures of diet industry

Diet culture evolved from our cultural preference over the course of history for the “thin ideal” in beauty which eventually became falsely equated with health. We can learn from history and learn to separate our weight from wellness.

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The Myths of BMI Can Hurt Your Health

Have you ever heard these?

“If you just try hard enough you can lose weight.”

“If you live in a bigger body, or gain weight, even a few pounds, you should lose weight. It’s simple and 100% within your control.”

If your Body Mass Index (BMI, which is simply your height to weight ratio,) labels you as “overweight” or “obese,” societal assumptions are made that you’re lazy, lack willpower, don’t care about your health.

Oversimplified and inaccurate ingrained beliefs like these have led to cultural weight bias, an obsession with the number on the scale and weight-centered approaches that are harming, not helping, health.

As a community, in our homes, schools, workplaces, and wellness and health care spaces, we can facilitate a weight neutral approach for better overall health outcomes.

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