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Do you eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full?

Hunger: Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Is it that simple? No. It’s downright confusing. The main reason is because we have become disconnected from our bodies. We’ve lost connection to true stomach hunger signals and are influenced by a variety of external cues.

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Intuitive Eating: do you need to re-learn how to eat?

When we were born, we instinctively knew how to eat. But as we move through life, we are impacted by the messages from the world around us. We’re taught over and over again about what to eat. We are taught not to trust ourselves, but instead trust the food authorities. And the “what” we are told to eat to promote our health, shifts, year after year.

These lessons come from family members (more often than not with good intentions), the latest clean eating book, social media and more. And that finger wagging at us telling us we shouldn’t eat this or that, comes from our own thoughts and self-judgement about food and our bodies. These lessons can also come with a side of guilt and shame.

Many (most!) of us need to relearn how to eat: intuitive eating.

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You are what you eat + [what you think and feel about it]

The great poet Rumi once said, “The satiated man and the hungry man do not see the same thing when they look upon a loaf of bread.” We all come to the table with different perspectives and life stories with food. No two people will metabolize a slice of pizza in the same way. One person may see the pizza as a delicious treat while another who feels insecure about her body may look at it with fear and guilt. The former will metabolize the food completely while the latter’s body will struggle to process it. When we explore our unique thoughts, feelings and beliefs about food and our bodies, we can feel more relaxed around food and our bodies and re-purpose this energy to give our unique gifts to the world! Often we need to re-train our brains to have a happy and healthy relationship with food.

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Are you a controlled eater?

Calorie restricting. Controlling your portions. Eating only “good foods” and avoiding “bad foods”. These are all forms of restrictive eating that often bring out the rebellious eater in us. If you’re eating for any reason other than physical hunger, controlling your eating isn’t the solution. Explore what you’re truly hungering for.

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