Amy Hennessey

Amy Hennessey


The Empowered Women’s Wellness Club has been a wonderful experience, and a beginning to my journey of life long wellness. The program has taught me to become more mindful of everything I do, from drinking water to sleeping to figuring out the root causes of my stress and learning how to manage those the best that I can right now.

I’m moving slow in the process, but I’m still moving. During the program, I learned that I have a lot to do in order to be the best me possible. I am happier and have a better outlook on the present and the future.

And finally, The Club would be lacking tremendously without it’s fantastic leader Tanya Mark! Tanya is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and positive. She makes the Club fun, and her encouragement for each participant is both personal and motivating. I had a great experience, I learned a ton, and will continue to use every tool that was offered to me through this program.


I empower women to explore their wellness from a place where they will feel incredible. I help women fit into their favorite pair of jeans and feel amazing by exploring their relationship to food, exercise and rejuvenation.

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