Completely Life-changing

By Monika Ziehl


I am so grateful for Tanya and the Empowered Women’s Wellness Club! Her 10-week program was by far the best investment in my health that I have ever made. It has been an amazing self-exploration journey and completely life-changing as far as my health and well-being are concerned. I feel connected to my body for the first time in my life.

I was floored by the amount of feedback and personal attention she provided in an on-line, group type setting. She has given me the knowledge, tools and support to live a healthy and vibrant life and I could not have done it without her. In fact, I had tried before and failed! Sign up for the club. You won’t be disappointed.

 My “Ah Ha!” Moments

I will say the most surprising part of it all was the stress reduction. Tanya, I have to admit that I was getting a little annoyed that you kept asking me about my stress levels but you were RIGHT to continually bring it up. I spent 2 weeks on vacation in the middle of the program in complete calm and relaxation and it was so eye opening compared to my normal day to day. I rush through everything that I do and absolutely live by the clock. I have made a very mindful effort since returning home to maintain a sense of calm in my daily life and to slow things down.

I jumped on the scale and my jaw dropped open. I am absolutely stunned by the results. In 5 weeks, I have lost nearly 5% of my body fat without losing any muscle mass! The only time I can remember actually trying to lose weight was before my wedding and it was a terrible process. I was counting calories and working out like mad and generally miserable with it! I didn’t join this club for weight loss but instead to correct poor eating habits that have caused over a decade of awful digestive distress. I can’t believe that the weight dropped so easily. By easily, I mean I’m eating well! I’m full with every meal, totally satisfied with what I’ve eaten and proud of how healthy it is. Shocking results. For those of you in this for weight loss, it does work. Keep it up!


I empower women to explore their wellness from a place where they will feel incredible. I help women fit into their favorite pair of jeans and feel amazing by exploring their relationship to food, exercise and rejuvenation.

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