Investing in my Own Self-Care

By Lisa Mark


As a mother of 3 teen aged children, with a full-time career, Tanya encouraged me to finally commit to and invest in my own self-care, as I didn’t have time. The Empowered Women’s Wellness Club is the best thing I could have done for myself. I feel better now than I did in my 40’s.

One of my goals was to have my clothes fit better. That has already happened with a change in diet. I get to go to the Gap and Loft this weekend to buy smaller pants. I feel stronger.

I realize that although I can’t eliminate certain stresses all together, I can minimize the impact.

I am eating better, lifting the kettle bell, and exercising interval-style even though I hate to sweat…I really do…girly girl who would rather shop the aisles of Sephora.

Move more, hydrate, and eat whole foods

With Tanya as my guide, I lost that “puffiness” and learned that wheat and sugar are not my friends. I just love the whole mind-body-spirit connection because it works! Taking care of my physical self enriches my spiritual self. Going through pre-menopausal torture for last 10 years, nutritional health was the only thing that helped.

I love the fact that Tanya doesn’t deal out guilt and she encourages flexibility. She met us right where we were at. If we want change we need to be the change! I have met many personal goals and this has transferred to my personal and professional life.

And finally, I loved listening to the other women on the live conference calls, connecting with them via the private Facebook page and learned so much. My heart was warmed across the miles. Love, strength and peace to all of you on your journey !


I empower women to explore their wellness from a place where they will feel incredible. I help women fit into their favorite pair of jeans and feel amazing by exploring their relationship to food, exercise and rejuvenation.

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