Sonja Boehne Sharkey

By Sonja Boehne Sharkey


The Empowered Women’s Wellness Club helped me fit in my favorite pair of jeans again. Only halfway through the Club, I reached that point and all my pants fit again. Losing weight was one of the goals for me. I proudly can say I lost 6 pounds. Yeah! I was not willing to give in and buy new pants. Feels soooo good!

The Empowered Women’s Wellness Club is taking me to a different place. I am more connected to my body through better understanding of what fuels it needs.

I have after 3 years of medical problems/surgeries found again a way to heal my body with better self-care strategies. I am turning 50 in 2 months and the promise to myself is, be healthy for the rest of my life.

When I started, I really had no direction in my health. I ate game meat and mostly organic but also a lot of processed foods. I was not aware of the sugar intake in my daily eating routine. This has so dramatically changed and I just have a more connected way to nourish myself.

If I eat better, I feel better and long term will stay healthier.

The combination of exercise and better food has been a big thing for me.
And I learned to slow down. I really put a big effort into this. The whole program just made me have a seat and think over my life and habits. Looking inside!!!

Self-care and wellness is a journey for me. And I think I will be going on this journey for a long time. This is why this 10-week group program is so great. I could not have done this alone! I love the program and have to say it probably will change my life forever. For the better!

Thank you Tanya and the Ladies!


I empower women to explore their wellness from a place where they will feel incredible. I help women fit into their favorite pair of jeans and feel amazing by exploring their relationship to food, exercise and rejuvenation.

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