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The Empowered Women's Wellness Club

A 10-Week live call & online wellness exploration for 10 committed women
The Club is no ordinary wellness program. It’s a transformational immersion into what it takes to be a grounded, energized and vibrant woman. The Club provides the “container” to practice wellness habits and delivers the structure, education, support and accountability to catalyze real, sustainable growth to feel the way you desire.



make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life

Empowered Women’s Wellness Club

Limited to a small group of committed women each year.
Connect with like-minded women
Accomplish more with group support and accountability
Reach your potential for optimal wellness

Let’s chat about your unique challenges!
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How do you feel?
Over-scheduled. Burnt out.
Tired. Sleep deprived.
Bloated. Muffin-top.
Uninspired. Stuck.
Depressed. Anxious.

If you even answered one of these questions yes, the Empowered Women’s Wellness Club could be for you.

What You Can Expect
Learn from an expert in nutrition, exercise and mind/body connection.

Discover the benefits of holistic nutrition, movement and stress management strategies and how to incorporate them into your day.

Get step-by-step guidance

Weekly live conference call lessons focus on transforming your daily routine and shifting your relationship to food, exercise and tuning in to the mind/body connection.

Investigate the critical piece of what’s missing from your daily routine

What is the single most important behavior change to achieve optimal health? The answer is simple and unique to you as an individual.

Authentic woman-to-woman conversation

Live lessons, discussion and Q & A to identify your limiting factors and focus on tapping into your core desired feelings to feel the way you desire.

The Benefits of the Empowered Women’s Wellness Club
Learn self-care

We take a real look at your daily routine and add in nurturing behaviors while removing the depleting behaviors with a less = more philosophy. Become the super woman you desire without the “Superwoman” mentality.


The Club provides the container to practice making changes in your life while being part of a nurturing community of women with the same desire – to feel and look better.

Feel more confident

As a group we will embrace and strengthen your unique qualities so you can stand tall as a woman, a mother, daughter and thrive.

Realize your worth

You’ve heard it before, “If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?” If you always put others first and feel burnt out, learning to shift your behaviors and see how they benefit everyone in your world.


The Club’s live conference calls only require about an hour of your time per a week. Call in from your phone no matter where you are. It’s easy!

Lesson plans that work

Proven lesson plans are accompanied by educational handouts and conveniently located on the member’s only portal.

Be energized

We will learn to connect to the natural cycles of the day to feel your best and give your best to others.


Track your daily routine throughout the 10-week program via an-online spreadsheet so that you can see the behavioral shifts that you’ve made and how they make you feel – results.


Strength in numbers. Group live calls and a private facebook page enable all of us to help you feel the way you desire quicker.

Let’s chat about your unique challenges.  Apply TODAY!

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Transform your relationship to food, exercise and rejuvenation!