Ladies’ Night In Happy Hour

Kale, Carrot Juice and Conversation

Are you tired of being hung over and bloated the next morning after your ladies night out? When you socialize do you find yourself “giving in” to crummy food, excess alcohol and feel awful the next day from poor sleep, digestion, headaches, negative conversation?

Are you ready to shift the way you socialize?

Nourishment from food and friends should make us feel light, energized and inspired! Allow me to redesign your definition of a fun night out with your friends. Imagine a catered event brimming with whole healthy foods as well as freshly made juices and followed by a dynamic custom-designed wellness lesson and authentic woman-to-woman conversation.

Ladies’ Night In

Custom designed
Delicious and nutritious food and drinks
Inspiring wellness lesson
Authentic women-to-women conversation

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What You Can Expect
Learn from an expert in nutrition, exercise and mind/body connection

Choose from a menu of lessons focused on holistic nutrition, movement and stress management strategies and how to incorporate them into your day.

Elevated woman-to-woman conversation.

Guided conversation about what truly matters: how we want to feel and how we want to live in this world.

Quality Nourishment

Choose from a menu of food and drinks. Organic. Local. Made with love.

The Benefits
Feel light and energized

Eliminate the foods and drinks that deplete you and add in the nourishing ones. Say goodbye to the next day Ladies Night Out hangover – whether from poor food and drinks to poor conversation. Adios!


Catered nutritious food and drinks brought to your home. No shopping. No prep. No cleanup. Provide me with your guest list. I’ll send out invitations.


You’ve heard it before, “If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?” If you always put others first and feel burnt out, learn to shift your behaviors and see how they benefit the people you love the most.

Enlightened. Empowered. Confident.

Elevate your social events. Shift your relationship with friends to align with the current trend of collective wellness. Forget the booze, bar food and gossip. Feel and share the benefits of Enlightened Socializing.

Are you ready to shift the way you socialize to feel the way you desire?

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