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One Week Private Wellness Retreat

A Rejuvenation Vacation
Indulge. You deserve it! Experience a full week of wellness to fully rejuvenate your mind and body. Together, we will custom-design a wellness retreat in your home or vacation home. Nourish the body with healthy food and drinks. You can hire a private chef, schedule a therapeutic massage, practice yoga and workout with a personalized routine. Whether it’s a vacation or stay-cation, a private wellness retreat can rejuvenate both body and mind.



make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively

Private Wellness Retreat

A custom, full week immersion into healthy eating, exercise and rejuvenation

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What You Can Expect
Learn from an expert in nutrition, exercise and mind/body connection.

Discover the benefits of holistic nutrition, movement and stress management strategies and how to incorporate them into your week.

Get one-on-one, guidance

Private week of 1-1 wellness focusing on identifying your wellness wants, needs and goals as well as factors limiting your success.

Investigate the critical piece of what’s missing from your daily routine

What is the single most important behavior change to achieve optimal health? The answer is simple and unique to you as an individual.

Authentic one-on-one conversation

We are going to really get to know one another and have honest, productive sessions so we can identify your unique challenges and shifting behaviors to feel the way you desire.

The Benefits
Custom Design

Forget one size fits all. It’s all about you and your needs. Prefer a workout instead of a massage? Or, a wellness coaching session instead of yoga? A cooking lesson instead of meditation? Your week includes 5-hours of daily wellness activities. You choose.

Feel Rejuvenated

Relax. How often do you take a week to re-energize? Enjoy massage, meditation or learning other strategies to re-charge.

Learn Self-Care

We take a look at your week long routine and discuss potential behaviors to add that support your health while removing the depleting ones with a less = more philosophy.

1-1 Convenience

Reserve space for yourself today. Private. In-Home.


Add in the pieces you need. Whether you are a healthier eater, exercise enthusiast or someone who knows how to relax or not, your Week of Wellness Retreat will help shift you in the direction you desire.

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Let’s plan a week-long wellness retreat to rejuvenate your mind and body.