Be Body Positive

Learn the five core Competencies from The Body Positive to gain renewed energy to take care of your unique body.

My Beauty Is journaling during Befriending Our Bodies with Tanya Mark at Teton Yoga Festival

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The 5 Competencies

We’ve reached a point in history where nearly every person is in some way affected by society’s heightened focus on beauty images, health, and weight. The emphasis on how we look and what we weigh has influenced the way most people perceive and care for their bodies. This workshop, based on the Be Body Positive Model, will teach you five powerful Competencies to help you develop resources and a renewed energy to take care of your body. These core Competencies are fundamental skills we practice on a daily basis to live peacefully and healthfully in our bodies. When we become proficient—competent—at using these skills, we are able to care for ourselves in body, mind, and spirit from a place of self-love and appreciation.

  • Reclaim Health
  • Practice Intuitive Self-Care
  • Cultivate Self-Love
  • Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty
  • Build Community
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Efficacy Of The Be Body Positive Model

Decades of Development

The Be Body Positive Model was developed over a decade of listening to diverse people share what they needed to feel confident in their bodies and to practice excellent self-care. A Stanford University pilot study showed that The 5 Competencies of the Model had a positive effect on participants’ self-reported guilt, belief in the thin ideal, body satisfaction, and social determinants of body image. Further improvements on all measures were shown eight months after group participation.

Academically Accepted

A California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) three-year pilot study showed improvement on all measures — including body satisfaction and self-compassion — at the end of the intervention, and even greater improvement after three years. If you are interested in hearing the wonderful results these students experienced, watch this video. Cornell University recently completed a two-year pilot study on their adaptation of our curriculum. Results from the Cornell study will be published soon.

Note: Body Positive groups do not provide therapy, counseling, or eating disorder treatment to members. The intention of these groups is to provide a comfortable space for open dialogue for participants on their own journey to making peace with their bodies. Referrals available for members needing additional support.

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