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Hi, I'm Tanya

For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping women just like you let go of punishing strategies to maintain or change their weight and feel relaxed around food and comfortable with their bodies.

When you combine the best strategies from nutrition science PLUS dynamic eating psychology, you can finally make peace with your whole self and feel the way you desire.

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What is Dynamic Eating Psychology?

Dynamic Eating Psychology transforms your eating challenges into wellness victories by showing you that you’re not broken. It recognizes that your eating challenges are intimately connected to your relationship with family, work, money, sexuality, spirituality, search for fulfillment, & much more. It utilizes tools, techniques, maps, skills, & protocols that are results driven and sustainable. Because each of us has a unique food, weight, & body image story. Nutrition is NOT one size fits all.

What is Mind Body Nutrition?

Mind Body Nutrition is the psychophysiology of how digestion, assimilation, calorie burning, & all of the nutritive functions of the body are affected by stress, relaxation, thoughts, feelings, pleasure, nourishment, & more. It teaches that understanding who you are as an eater & the implications of stress physiology on your metabolism are important to achieving lasting, positive results.

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Mind body nutrition is a way of thinking, feeling, and living to the fullest. Take the next step towards total wellness in your life today with my free 5-part video series!

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  • How metabolism actually works (it's about way more than just what you eat!)
  • The power your mind has over metabolism
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  • What's behind cravings and emotional eating
  • And why you need to loosen up a little!