The New Midlife Crisis for Women

The New Epidemic

Lately, I’ve noticed a new epidemic happening for women. They’re experiencing a laundry list of symptoms: fatigue, forgetfulness, brain-fog, mood swings, insomnia and so on. Basically, they’re incredibly overwhelmed.

This has been, typically, spread through Generation X (those born approximately between the years 1965 and 1984), but I also see it happening in women beyond this age range.

In today’s world, women are stressed to the gills because we feel like we need to be “super women” and do it all. Interestingly enough, most of us are doing it all.

When I start working with clients who are experiencing this epidemic of overwhelm, I have them examine their weekly calendars. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they have no unscheduled time, which is leading them to feel completely spent. I ask them, “How long can you keep doing this?” and there’s always a pause followed by “Well, I can do it…”

But just because we can do it doesn’t mean it’s actually working for us. These women come to my office because they just don’t feel good and what they come to realize is that the best form of self-care is simplification.

Less is More

So, instead of doing more, we have to work on doing less in order to safeguard that precious energy that we never seem to have enough of. Many us can really struggle with that because we’re so used to doing it all. We’ve gotten used to having a packed schedule from the moment we get up in the morning to the time we finally get to bed at night.

I recently worked with a client who wanted help putting together a basic plan to get through the rest of this year. So, we looked at what’s going on during the holiday season and what she and her family typically do. We talked about how to shift her normally packed schedule so she can have a bit more time to herself.

These decisions weren’t difficult to make once she got going. She’s a teacher so she decided she’d make her lesson plans as simple as possible. Next, she decided to simplify Thanksgiving. She and her family usually have a very elaborate dinner. But this year, she decided they would go out to eat (and she made a pact with herself not to feel badly about it). These two small decisions will allow her body the downtime it needs so that she can begin to restore her health.

As you can see, mind body nutrition is about far more than just what you’re eating. It also encompasses how you live your daily life. Practice simplification, practice doing less.

Realize that we can be super women without being Super Woman. We don’t have to do it all. Unscheduled time where you can tune out and rest will help restore your wellbeing.

So, with this busy holiday season, what is one step you’re going to take to simplify and allow more space for your body and mind to rejuvenate?

  • Tanya
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