Think you are addicted to sugar
Think you are addicted to sugar?

You might think you are addicted to sugar. But over the many years that I’ve worked with clients, I’ve learned that cravings for sugar are caused by a multitude of factors including: consistently eating unbalanced meals which creates unbalanced blood sugar levels (so your body is “smart” and boosts cravings for carbohydrates and sugars as the quickest […]

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Four diverse woman hold sign reading "Every body is beautiful."
How can I improve my body image?

Positive role models shape a healthy body image Maybe you’re wondering “how can I improve my body image” in our body perfectionist culture? Well, what if you knew when you were younger that all bodies aren’t the same? Every body is different That’s what 26-year-old pop singer and former “American Idol” contestant, Jax, wished somebody had told […]

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Make peace with your summer body

Summertime is (finally) here, and the warm temperatures call for shorts, tanks and swimsuits. If you love or like your body, no matter what it looks like, terrific. But if you don’t, baring more skin can produce body insecurities. Over 91% of women report struggling with some aspect of their appearance. It makes sense when women compare […]

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3 Reasons why you can’t stop stress and emotional eating (and the solution)

There are three reasons why you can’t stop stress and emotional eating. Rarely is being told “what to eat” by a nutrition expert (or some social media influencer who claims “eat like me, look like me” BS) the solution to the most common nutritional challenges. In fact, not knowing what to eat (16%) is nowhere near the […]

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Women Weigh in on Aging Bodies

Wrinkles. Waistlines. Rippled thighs. It feels strange to look in the mirror at my 53-year-old body and no longer see my younger self. I’ll be honest, aging isn’t easy when 20-somethings Botox “wrinkles” and Instagram influencers filter and perfect their images and instruct midlife women to “just skip the carbs” to flatten our rounded bellies. (No thanks). […]

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4 Steps to make peace with forbidden foods through Intuitive Eating

How can you possibly have a healthy relationship with salt and vinegar chips, cookies, and salted caramel ice cream – they’re “bad,” “hyper-palatable” – right? And still be healthy? It can feel like the chips (no pun intended – haha) are stacked against you because many of these “forbidden” foods are designed by lab engineers to be […]

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3 Reasons to Set Your Scale Aside (and get healthier)

Do you love the idea of ditching your scale, but you’re worried about your weight? If so, you’re not alone. You’ve been taught to focus on your weight (like all of us) – with your BMI number labeling your supposed health status. And holy moly, as a culture, we spend enormous amounts of time, energy and money […]

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3 Steps to Banish Body Comparison

Do you struggle with body comparison, your body image? What if you could live your best life in whatever body you have? I’m reading Brene Brown’s new book Atlas of the Heart and was struck by her research on comparison. Brown says that humans are hardwired to default to comparison and that it seems to happen to […]

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Digestion, Food Intolerances, Inflammation – The Missing Piece

If your digestion isn’t great and/or you’re worried about gut health or food intolerances causing “inflammation,” bring the power of eating psychology to your plate. As a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I was trained back in 2012 to support clients through an elimination diet as the “gold standard” to find out what foods may be causing your […]

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Why Am I Craving Carbs, Sugar?

If you feel like you’re addicted to sugar, craving carbs, you can learn why and make peace with all foods by learning Intuitive Eating. Have you tried to solve this “problem” by restricting these foods? Perhaps you’ve tried a 30-day sugar detox or a “healthy lifestyle” eating plan “to fix” your cravings for carbohydrates, sweets. And maybe […]

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