3 Reasons why you can’t stop stress and emotional eating (and the solution)

There are three reasons why you can’t stop stress and emotional eating. Rarely is being told “what to eat” by a nutrition expert (or some social media influencer who claims “eat like me, look like me” BS) the solution to the most common nutritional challenges.

In fact, not knowing what to eat (16%) is nowhere near the top of our nutrition challenges list:

Nutritional Challenges

3 Reasons why you can’t stop stress and emotional eating

Notice when stress, emotional eating and cravings happen.

Awareness is key.

There’s often a pattern that’s triggered by certain thoughts, feelings or situations.

✔️ Do intense cravings happen when you’re restricting certain foods or calories on a “diet” or restrictive meal plan?

That’s why I find it crazy that so many of us go to them as solutions to the challenges of cravings, overeating, stress/emotional eating. Yup, often they’re the CAUSE!

Yes, read that again.

So the solution is to stop dieting and going to restrictive meal plans to improve your health and well-being. That’s why I take a non-diet, no meal plans approach – focused on improving your eating behaviors and relationship to food and your body (and your entire self-care) to help you feel and be your best self.

Sucking diet BS out of your head

Here’s are two more triggers:

✔️ You are exhausted because you’re not sleeping well (or your list of reasons) so you find yourself in a pattern of drinking tons of coffee and/or reaching for sweets to get through another day – to give you more energy.

Nope you don’t have a problem with sweets. You’re exhausted. Let’s figure out how to get you sleeping better or whatever is causing your fatigue.

✔️ Maybe you crave crunchy potato chips every Sunday night (or every evening) when you are feeling stressed and anxious about heading back to another day in a toxic work environment.

Again, it’s common for us to try and solve cravings or overeating by dieting or restricting that specific food — when it’s not a food problem. The challenge is coming from feeling stressed or ___(lonely, angry, sad etc.) about work or __ (whatever the cause is for you).

The solution is to recognize your triggers and then find alternate solutions – to break this unwanted pattern.

Want to gain insights into your unwanted eating habits and find deep health solutions to change them? The list of stress/emotional eating, cravings triggers is endless and unique to you. Schedule a session and I’ll take you through the steps to break them so you can have a happy and healthy relationship with food and your body.

To your happiness and health, ♡ Tanya


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